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I continue the long process of learning to paint and learning what paint is. I endeavor through the act of painting to further my comprehension of my materials and how to handle them effectively- to pull forth each pigments intrinsic characteristics when requested by the painting.

I aim to take my material knowledge and imbue it with 'Stimmung' - a releasing of our internal Spiritual World and it's transformation into a physical form

After 3 years spent studying Old master techniques with my mentor Charlie Sheard and exhibiting regularly in Australia; I left the South Coast to broaden my knowledge and develop my painting practice.


In March of 2017 I flew into Toulouse and started a journey that spanned from Spain to Amsterdam - I visited the museums and galleries along the way and stood in front of the paintings I had only seen in books.

I took my notes, inspiration and moved into a beautiful studio located at the renowned Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig - I spent the rest of the year here painting, observing the changing Northern seasons and immersed in the local history of great figures such as Bach and Goethe.

A residency with the Glogau Artist in Residence program saw me move to Berlin from January till April where extensive use of the museums and trips to surrounding areas culminated in an exhibition. 

Before I returned home in 2018; I was also able to explore more  Art history in Greece, France, Turkey and Malta. A short hosting with  Chinese artist Hu Quin Wu in Beijing also helped to open my eyes to the vast depth and knowledge contained in Chinese art.

In early 2019 I was awarded a scholarship to partake in the NG Art Creative Residency in Provence. This residency culminated in an exhibition held in early May. A further residency in Crete and 3 months painting in Japan saw the end of my current endeavours overseas.

I found a studio in Wyong and continued to paint. In March 2023 my solo exhibition 'Apotheke' was recently launched at the Straitjacket Gallery in Newcastle NSW.

For enquiries:


Newcastle, Australia

Barcelona + Berlin

Straitjacket Gallery

Beta Contemporary

Teaching Positions

2014 - 2018

2016 - 2018

Industrial Design, Enmore Design Center, Sydney

Jewelry Design Illustration, Enmore Design Center, Sydney

Selected Exhibitions













Soft Conversations, Gosford Regional Gallery, Australia

Apotheke, Straitjacket, Newcastle

Reset and Revival, Studio W, Woolloomoolo

Open Beta, Studio Beta, Berlin Germany

Connexions Silencieuses, Eygalieres France

Mas de Palerins, Eygalieres France

Open studios, Glogau Artist in Residence, Berlin Germany

For art’s sake, Shop Gallery, Glebe Australia

The 'ISM' of art, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong Australia

Eleutheria, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney Australia

Sketches and Studies, Global Gallery, Sydney Australia

 Presence, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney Australia

Prizes and Residencies









Frost Over Barraba - Grand Prize

Arts Gunnedah Annual Exhibition - Grand Art Champion

Island Goen, Ojika Japan

Lakkos Project, Heraklion Greece

NG Art Residency Scholarship, Provence France

GlogauAIR, Berlin Germany

Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig Germany

The Greenhouse, Berlin Germany

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